Get Away in Your Own Home-Summer Edition

Keeping our bodies cool goes a long way in keeping our emotions in check. I live in Oregon where a lot of us love the rain and tolerate the sun. Many complain when the sun comes out. We search for sun glasses and suffer on those few days a year when we need home air conditioning.  

Our forecast says it will be over 100* in a few days. Our heat escape plans are harder to make this year. The pools are closed. Swimming holes, beaches and campgrounds are too overcrowded to stay six feet apart.

As one who does not tolerate heat well, there are many things I do to stay cool. I was rattling on Bubba Gump style about wet bandannas and stone beaded bracelets when a colleague recommended writing a blog about it. She may have been joking  but here I am to write about the Box Fan Fort.

The Box Fan Fort may be what we need in August 2020. In addition to keeping us cool, it may be like a mini get away.  While not the vacation or daytrip you would typically consider, it could be the most accessible alternative.  You may already have everything to make one at home.

What is a Box Fan Fort? It is a hallowed cooling hack that has soothed many Portlanders’ un-air-conditioned souls-child and adult alike. Thanks to wiki-how, here are detailed instructions: .

Making a fort isn’t a real vacation but it will make a memory. Your brain may enjoy the novelty.  Every experienced Box Fan Fort maker I know smiles when the topic comes up.

If the fan would be too much stimulation, perhaps just a fort would do while doing some these other ideas.

Be safe and stay cool.

Ps. if you make one, please be sure to comment below.