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Trauma Training for Camp Staff


Summer 2021 is almost here and it our youth need us to recognize behavior that is a result of trauma. The effects of the pandemic built upon previous trauma. Join Shauna as she shares how to use a "trauma lens" to decode what is going on. Learn practical ways to interact with and support youth […]

Trauma Education: Science, Hope and Systems Change April 15, 2021


Many people who experience trauma will not have lasting negative impact. Others can have ongoing challenges. Learn risk factors and ways to lessen or prevent its damaging effects. Whether you serve people with developmental disabilities, those who expereince physcial or mental health problems, those involved int he justice or welfare systems, YOU need this training. […]


Pinwheels, Pinballs, & Patterns: Support for Your Child & Yourself with Shauna


Shauna Signorini (she/her) Resilience and Trauma Educator will share with you quick ways to calm and soothe. Understand the brain science behind these shortcuts. Use these throughout the day to keep yourself present and intentional. Great for connection and fun! Be sure to sign up for a free small Calm kit while supplies last. Live […]