Mental Wellness and Trauma Educator

When her child was in crisis, Shauna tried books, therapists and nothing was working. She happened into a two day training with Dr. Bruce Perry, the famed child psychiatrist/neurobiologist. He shared about the impact of early childhood trauma. This new way of thinking about challenging behavior and difficulties helped Shauna. She studied with Dr. Perry through the State of Oregon for 6 months and applied what she learned. Changing the brain through sensory and patterned activities improved everyone’s mental health.

Shauna teaches the same ideas Oregon and the nation. She sheds light on how past trauma can affect current behavior. Her lived experience provides unique insight. Teaching others to recognize trauma responses and create safe environments is Shauna’s passion. Messages of hope, wellness, and resilience resonate with healthcare professionals, educators, Developmental Disability staff, self-advocates and parents alike.

Chaos and Adverse Childhood Experiences can influence behavior. Knowing how the brain, nervous system and Vagus Nerve work, makes all the difference.

Shauna Signorini, Wellness and Resilience Educator

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Racial Equity Statement

I am currently working on an equity and inclusion statement that recognizes race and ethnicity, disability status (both visible and invisible), age, gender and sexuality.

Learning to be anti-racist is important to me. While I have learned about being culturally responsive for over a decade, I see how being a white woman has benefitted me systemically. My education is ongoing, preferably by those with lived experience and being compensated for their work.

Love this tweet by Tori Williams Glass of

unpopular opinion: people who are publicly committed to growth don’t worry about being cancelled.

Tori Williams Glass

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